Endures Heavy Traffic Up To 2,000 PSI
Floorte' PRO will perform under foot traffic and rolling traffic, remaining resistant to indentions from high heels.

Withstands Intense Direct Sunlight Up To 180 Degrees
For areas with intensified temperature from sunlight, there will be no issues with expansion/contraction.

Attached Pad For Sound Reduction
Attached pad for faster installation and sound reduction.

Proven Attributes
ArmourBead Finish
Minimal Sub Floor Prep and No Acclimation Required
Easily Maintained
Click and Glue Down Installation Options
Minimizes Telegraphing

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News and Updates
Engineered for Performance
Compressed Core Technology ensures ultimate impact resistance. Designed for performance in the most demanding environments.
Shaw Floorte' PRO Blue Ridge Pine 720 HD Plus
Shaw Floorte' PRO
Blue Ridge Pine HD Plus-0864V(Click)
Blue Ridge Pine HD Plus-0868V(Glue)

Width: 8.86  in.
Length: 59.06  in.
Thickness: 1/4 In. (6.35 mm)
Wear Layer: 20 mil

  • Fade resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to maintan

00167 - Pitch Pine00623 - Earthy Pine00797 - Harvest Pine00812 - Forest Pine05007 - Longleaf Pine

The Proof is in the PRO.
Expected Dependability Engineered for Higher Performance & High Style.